Saturday, January 4, 2020

REVIEW: Pröwess - Blacktop Therapy (2020)

Personally, I make it no secret that I have been a Pröwess fan since day one because of my passion for American hard rock that is mixed with a tinge of that southern feel. I thoroughly enjoyed both of the band’s prior EP releases, and I enjoyed witnessing their musical and songwriting progression between those releases. So to say that I was highly anticipating the release of Blacktop Therapy would be an understatement.

Enlisting the assistance of Tuk Smith, most notably known as the frontman for former Atlanta rockers Biters, to produce and co-write some of the tracks on Blacktop Therapy, Pröwess have taken things to another level and have produced an album full of stellar hard hitting, blow your face off, rock anthems. Make no mistakes, this is not the Pröwess of old. This is a new streamlined version, which has stripped away the fat and consciously decided to release shorter songs that will make the listener hungry for more. Whilst the songs may be shorter and the lyrical topic matter not necessarily as serious as previous efforts, the band has not alienated its existing fan base and continues to retain that southern feel and swagger. If anything, the style of Blacktop Therapy is going to appeal to a much broader rock audience.

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Monday, November 4, 2019

REVIEW: Aerodyne - Damnation (2019)

Back in 2017, Aerodyne released their debut album titled Breaking Free which I thought was a great release even though it didn’t really push any boundaries. In short, it was generically typical of everything that was coming out of Sweden at the time. Aerodyne had the look, the ’80s sound, the big riffs, the gang vocals and an ear friendly lead vocalist, but despite this, there was nothing that set them apart from their countrymen or made them stand out as a must see band who were on the rise.